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A Call to Men

The Carpathian Mountains of Western Ukraine are home to an estimated 6.5 million people, many of whom lead lives quite isolated from the modern world. Most major cities in Ukraine have at least some Gospel witness, but for many living in the mountains, Christ is little more than a figurine dangling from a chain. Religious though they are, most have never heard the call to believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.

Young man, do you know Jesus? Have you been washed from your sins and made a son of God? Then God has called YOU to take the Gospel into all the world. Every summer, we take a team of men into the mountains of Ukraine and preach Jesus to those who have never heard. Your efforts are needed on that team. There are people in Ukraine that will not be saved unless you go and point them to Christ.

Will you join us? Read on and find out how!

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The Plan

Our team makes weekly trips into the Carpathian Mountains from our base in L’viv. Each trip lasts two days, during which time we go house to house, inviting people to attend showings of evangelistic films. At the conclusion of every showing, the Gospel is preached and people are given invitations to enroll in Bible First, our correspondence Bible course. We also distribute copies of Good and Evil in Ukrainian.

On weekdays, we conduct large-scale literature outreaches in L’viv and other urban centers.

When, Where, How

CMO 2020 will begin on June 17, 2020 and last through July 13, 2020.

While ministering in the Carpathians, team members live on a fairly primitive level. We cook meals on camp stoves, sleep in tents, and often walk many miles a day. Mountain weather is frequently rainy, and temperatures can change drastically over short periods of time.

City ministry tends to be hot and dry. Here too, we walk for miles on end, distributing tens of thousands of tracts each week.

Basic Requirements

This is a basic list of the qualifications we look for in CMO applicants. For more details, please see our Requirements page.

  • 17 years of age or older
  • Clear salvation testimony
  • Financial support
  • Men only
  • Ability to attend the entire project
  • General agreement with our statement of faith

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