Apply for CMO 2020

Before applying for CMO, please read the Requirements.

Registration for CMO 2020 is now closed.
How to Apply

1. If you don’t already have a passport, get one.

Even if you don’t end up coming to Ukraine, a passport is good to have. It takes time to get one, so don’t wait. U.S. citizens can pick up a passport application at any local Post Office or download one from You must have a United States or Canadian passport before you come to Ukraine. If you are not a US or Canadian citizen, please contact us before you apply for CMO.

2. Download the Info Pack and read it thoroughly.

Don’t skim it, read it. Many of the questions you have, and several you probably haven’t thought of yet, will be answered in this document. Reading the Info Pack is required before you apply, and we will expect you to know the things contained in it.

Download Info Pack

3. Download the Application and read it thoroughly.

Once you have finished reading the Info Pack, fill out the Application. Again, read all enclosed documents carefully.

Download Application

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4. Give the Recommendation Form to your pastor or church leader.

The Recommendation Form must be filled out by your pastor or church leader and mailed to our office separately. We cannot complete your application process until we receive this document.

Download Recommendation Form

5. Mail your application, along with all applicable attachments to our main office.

Euro Team Outreach, Inc.
16723 Britford
Houston, TX 77084

Got a question about CMO? Drop us a line!